1964, a company Kazi & Khan Mercantile Corporation was established as family side business.

Small trading activities took place in this business until 1979. From 1979, onwards, business activities started to grow, and import business was expanded.

1988, company name was changed to Hussaini Innovations with a strong ambition to develop non-conventional products. Trading activities continued as before, and were further expanded.

From Kazi & Khan Mercantile Corporation to Hussaini Innovations, and onwards, business activities diversified. This under Hussaini's banner, gave birth to Interlink, Hi Utility Products & Starlink, to handle different activities of business.

At Hussaini's, we believe in keeping considerations ahead, and with all our diversified trading activities, our aim remains to develop innovative products. That's what Hussaini Innovations was conceived for.


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